Paint Lake

Be a Considerate Neighbour

Dear Cottage/Home Owner;                                                                                                                                                                 Spring 2017


Thank you very much for your support over the years as a member of our Association and participating in the various functions and events we have throughout the year.  We have approximately 72%+ of the Home/Cottage owners as present Association members.  I encourage feedback on ideas and thoughts you have to help improve our Association and make our lake a truly wonderful experience for our families and friends to enjoy.

Recently a few of our Area Directors and Executive members have expressed a concern about noise levels around our lake during the summer months.  I think it is appropriate to let everyone know that there is a Township of Lake of Bays noise bylaw.  There is to be no loud music/noise after 11PM, unless a noise exemption has been issued by the Township prior to the day of the “Party”.  That will extend the noise bylaw for that night (times vary for duration).  Stephen Watson, Director of Building/By-law Services, is responsible for responding and monitoring all by-law concerns.

If a noisy function has gone past 11PM and you may or may not have asked the group involved to please reduce the noise level, send an email to Stephen at and he will determine if a by-law enforcement visit is required or a phone call will suffice.  If a visit is required Stephen will contact Mike Wilmon to see if he is available to respond in person.  A complaint phone call is not sufficient, it must be an email.  Upon a by-law enforcement visit a Part 1 ticket will be issued with a $105.00 fine.

If you have any other by-law questions or concerns you can contact Stephen via email or call him during working hours at 705 635-2272 ext. 225.

Also, it is important to note that there is No Daytime Burning(8 AM to 6 PM) between April 1 and October 31 of each year.  In addition, the District of Muskoka, who advise travelers through their roadside fire burning monitoring boards that there may be a Total Fire Ban(ie very hot/dry conditions) in effect at certain times of the year. You may also review the Township webpage ( or call 1-877-847-1577 for fire ratings/restrictions.

In addition, some of our Home/Cottage owners rent their place through a rental agency or to family and friends.  It is important for the owners to advise the rental agency and post in their home/cottage a notice outlining what I have noted above.  Some of you may already be doing this as a courtesy to your fellow cottagers.

Please be courteous and respectful towards our fellow cottage/home owners so that we can all enjoy the benefits our Lake offers

Respectfully yours,


Paint Lake Ratepayers Association