Paint Lake

Membership Dues

Have You Ever Wondered: How our membership dues are distributed?   

We have a Volunteer Executive Team which includes a President, Vice President, Treasurer, and seven Area Directors.

We are very active in the Community with both the Hamlet of Dorset as well as the Township of Lake of Bays and are visible at all Community meetings and events.

We make generous donations to the Dorset Volunteer Fire Department and the Dorset Health Hub each year.  We continue to review other potential donation areas on an as requested basis.

We are a Member of FOCA, which is the overseeing body of Cottage Associations in Ontario.  Our Members can sign up for FOCA Elert using the button link on the FOCA website for news items of interest to all of us in Cottage Country.

Safe Quiet Lakes is another organization we support and we purchased reminder signs around our lake about safe boating.  You will notice 2 of the signs at the Boat Launching Ramp and at the mouth of Paint Lake Creek.

We have General Liability Insurance.

We take great pride in our water testing program that benefits all of us as it relates to good water quality.  Our Water Testing team takes water samples from approximately 15 different areas around the lake 2-3 times a year.  It is not a trivial process and tests for e-coli and coliform.  We work closely with Lake of Bays Association(LOBA) and the Muskoka Watershed Council to make sure our levels maintain a very good rating, which they do.

We have a beautification team that works to keep our covered bridge, Community signs(3) and Tramway Creek Dedication Plaque well maintained for everyone to enjoy.

We prepare and distribute quarterly newsletters, we have buoys marking hidden rocks on the lake and we will be adding/replacing a few of the No Daytime Burning signs around the lake.

We will be distributing, this Spring, informational fridge magnets to help all our home/cottage owners.

In addition to the annual dues, we host an annual Summerfest/Regatta which is a fun family day attended by most of the home/cottage owners.  We have a silent auction and other fund raisers at the event to allow us to defray some of the cost items noted above.  We have a car rally/corn roast each Fall which is a fun day and revenue neutral.  We have a Social Director who spends countless hours coming up with other activities to bring our Community together and these are designed to not be a drain on resources either.

As you can see from the above, the annual dues bring value to all of us on Paint Lake regardless of how we want to continue enjoying our gem in Muskoka.

Our target and goal remains to make our Community a welcoming location and encourage all to come out and participate.

Thank you for your ongoing support.

Your Executive Team,   May, 2017