Paint Lake

Fall 2020 Update

Covered Bridge and Trail Motorized Vehicle Traffic

  • There has been little movement from the Township other than a couple of meetings to still try and confirm that motorized vehicles are allowed on the Bridge/Trail.  Therefore, it is “business as usual” until further notice.  PLEASE remind all ATV users of the Bridge/Trail to make sure they proceed very slowly to avoid any accidents with people walking and/or biking on the Bridge/Trail, at the same time.  The Children and Adult Libraries are now beside each other on the Bellwood Acres side of the Covered Bridge.  The park bench has been donated to the Dorset Lion’s Club, and hopefully will be replaced on the Trail by the Township Parks Department next Spring.

Hydro One Seasonal Rate Class

  • October 15, 2020:  Hydro One submitted its most recent report to the Ontario Energy Board(OEB) on the elimination of the Seasonal Rate Class.  The report demonstrates that the elimination of the Seasonal Rate Class results in only a small benefit(-$5/month) for some customers, at the expense of large negative impacts(+$54/month) for other seasonal customers.  The entire report, related information and perspectives from FOCA can be found here:

Dorset Health Hub Update

  • Following is the 5th annual update on the Dorset Health Hub: