Paint Lake

Summer 2021

Welcome to Summer 2021 Paintlakers!

There is a District of Muskoka TOTAL FIRE BAN, which includes Fireworks!  Please advise your neighbours and friends on the lake.  Some may rent their cottage and it is important to tell their Rental Agency to advise the renters prior to arriving on the lake.  Everyone must be made aware of this BAN.  We have had very little rain and none of us want to experience a fire near our home/cottage that could be devastating.  Recently there was a bush fire just off Paint Lake Road that required 3 planes dropping water to put out the blaze (the cause has not been confirmed), as well as a small plane and helicopter to monitor the area.  They camped the next 2 days after extinguishing the blaze to confirm there were no burning embers that could reignite the fire.  If you see anyone with a fire on their property, you must advise them to put the fire out immediately.  If you identify a potential fire in your area, please call 911.

If you rent your property, it is advisable to check with the Township of Lake of Bays website ( for the up-to-date short-term rental bylaw details, as well as the noise bylaw status.  Chris Collings is our Bylaw enforcement officer, and he is available at 705-635-2272, X1246.

We continue to work with Parks & Recreation and Roads as it relates to our Covered Bridge and Trail.  When travelling on the trail with any motorized vehicles, please be considerate of everyone using the trail and Slow Down.  Ardith and Greg Symmes had a group of volunteers clearing out the areas under the bridge from tree branches thanks to the beaver’s work.  Bob Brigden has also completed some repair work on the small libraries as well as the historical reference plaque.  Ardith and her Team are maintaining this area for all of us to enjoy in our Family walks and bike/stroller rides.  Thanks, as well, to Ted Hancocks and Don Brown who, again this Spring, have installed the floating dock at our boat launch area.  Nancy English has agreed to be our Area Director (replacing Paul Lanctot) for Norton’s Lane/Bellwood Acres Road area.

Many changes and plans are moving forward in Dorset with new owners (Mike & Katie Hinbest) of Robinson’s General Store and Robinson’s Marina & Power Sports (formerly Old Mill).

REMINDER…for those who have not submitted their completed Member Information Form (attached), return to and/or not paid their $40 annual dues, please either mail a cheque payable to Paint Lake Ratepayers’ Association, PO Box 519, Dorset, ON P0A 1E0, or, e-transfer to

I will end by asking you to remember Friends on our Lake whom we lost since 2019:  Joy Moon (August 2019), Judith McConkey (October 2019), Ron Dagilis (December 2019), Ron Doyle (January 2020), Bill Dougherty (September 2020), Charles Chun (September 2020), Valerie Fiedler (October 2020), Bill McDonald (May 2020), Paul Lanctot (March 2021) and Janeen Byman (May 2021).

I hope I have not missed anyone.

Unfortunately, due to our ongoing battle with COVID-19, we have cancelled our Summerfest and AGM for 2021.

Stay Safe!